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Video - 60th Anniversary Battle
German Retreat and Regroup
The Germans are on the run with the Americans on their heels. While the rear guard delays the Americans, the German army retreats and prepares defensive positions.
Phase I
Video - 60th Anniversary Battle
Initial Contact
American Recon units make contact with the German rear guard units
Phase II
Video - 60th Anniversary Battle
Main Assault
After dispatching the rear guard, the American recon units are joined by Sherman tanks and infantry. The main assault is on.
Phase III
Video - Thunder Airshow
Thunder Over Louisville Airshow
These have nothing to do with the Patton Museum, but if you found your way here there’s a good chance you’ll enjoy these too. Fly bys of an F22 Raptor, F-18 Hornet, B1B Lancer, A-10 Warthogs, F-16, F-4 and others.
Fly Bys

Images - Patton Museum
Profiles of the many Tanks on display at the Patton Museum
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