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Sale Date:Address:Plaintiff:AttorneyJudgement:Hand Bill Link:Street Report:
6/9/20091604 RUSSELL LEE DRIVE 40210 GMAC MORTGAGE, LLCTINA R. EDMONDSON$146,770.98HandbillStreet Report
6/9/20099907 LOWER RIVER ROAD 40272 GMAC MORTGAGE, LLCRICHARD MARK ROTHFUSS, II$90,194.27HandbillStreet Report
6/23/20091209 CARRICO AVENUE **WITHDRAWN** 40215 GMAC MORTGAGE, LLCMICHAEL R. BRINKMAN$92,490.45HandbillStreet Report
6/23/20098804 MOUNTAIN BROOK DRIVE 40272 GMAC MORTGAGE, LLCLORI R. LEACH$203,530.85HandbillStreet Report
7/7/20093529 TYRONE DRIVE 40218GMAC MORTGAGE, LLCCRYSTAL L. FORD$135,414.82HandbillStreet Report
7/7/2009922 SWAN STREET 40204GMAC MORTGAGE, LLCLORI R. LEACH$59,906.27HandbillStreet Report
7/7/20096214 MOORHAVEN DRIVE 40228GMAC MORTGAGE, LLCMICHAEL R. BRINKMAN$125,843.75HandbillStreet Report
7/21/200913009 BESSELS BLVD. 40272GMAC MORTGAGE, LLCCRYSTAL L. FORD$130,593.25HandbillStreet Report
7/21/20093627 DEL PARK TERRACE 40211GMAC MORTGAGE, LLCCRYSTAL L. FORD$62,100.48HandbillStreet Report
7/21/20094309 BELRAD DRIVE 40218GMAC MORTGAGE, LLCCRYSTAL L. FORD$134,984.27HandbillStreet Report
7/21/2009418 VIRGINIA AVENUE 40222GMAC MORTGAGE, LLCCRYSTAL L. FORD$99,815.60HandbillStreet Report
7/21/20097307 DUNKIRK LANE 40272GMAC MORTGAGE, LLCKRISTEN J. MUDD$84,206.80HandbillStreet Report
7/21/20094709 COFER AVENUE 40258GMAC MORTGAGE, LLCKRISTEN J. MUDD$59,265.11HandbillStreet Report
8/4/200917513 CURRY BRANCH ROAD **WITHDRAWN** 40245GMAC MORTGAGE, LLCRICHARD MARK ROTHFUSS, II$212,113.43HandbillStreet Report
8/4/20095316 CEDRUS CIRCLE **WITHDRAWN** 40213GMAC MORTGAGE, LLCLORI R. LEACH$61,915.47HandbillStreet Report
8/18/20091317 ARCADE AVENUE 40215GMAC MORTGAGE, LLCCRYSTAL L. FORD$62,940.27HandbillStreet Report
9/1/20091700 GARLAND AVENUE 40210GMAC MORTGAGE, LLCJERRY R. HOWARD$72,594.00HandbillStreet Report
9/1/20096508 KEELING PLACE ROAD 40291GMAC MORTGAGE, LLCKRISTEN J. MUDD$351,241.71HandbillStreet Report
9/1/20096008 RODES COURT 40222GMAC MORTGAGE, LLCKRISTEN J. MUDD$242,651.95HandbillStreet Report
9/1/2009522 GHEENS AVENUE 40214GMAC MORTGAGE, LLCTINA R. EDMONDSON$75,900.21HandbillStreet Report
9/1/20095008 ELLINGTON AVENUE 40218GMAC MORTGAGE, LLCSTEPHANIE A. MAGUIRE$105,245.25HandbillStreet Report
9/15/20092606 MARGUERITE DRIVE 40216GMAC MORTGAGE, LLCTINA R. EDMONDSON$107,050.42HandbillStreet Report
9/15/20099335 DONERAIL WAY 40272GMAC MORTGAGE, LLCTINA R. EDMONDSON$102,462.26HandbillStreet Report
9/15/2009852 SOUTH 32ND STREET 40211GMAC MORTGAGE, LLCKRISTEN J. MUDD$68,703.29HandbillStreet Report
9/29/20095607 REGAL DRIVE 40218GMAC MORTGAGE, LLCMICHAEL R. BRINKMAN$40,675.63HandbillStreet Report
9/29/20096919 WALNUT FARM DRIVE 40229GMAC MORTGAGE, LLCMARK N. DIERKS$172,768.58HandbillStreet Report
9/29/2009412 KENSINGTON COURT 40208GMAC MORTGAGE, LLCMARK N. DIERKS$136,458.63HandbillStreet Report
9/29/20093135 HUNSINGER LANE **WITHDRAWN** 40220GMAC MORTGAGE, LLCMARK N. DIERKS$79,146.42HandbillStreet Report
9/29/2009521 LEYTON AVENUE 40222GMAC MORTGAGE, LLCMARK N. DIERKS$122,993.17HandbillStreet Report
10/27/20092717 NARRAGANSETT DRIVE 40210GMAC MORTGAGE, LLCCRYSTAL L. FORD$61,963.90HandbillStreet Report
10/27/2009646 NORTH 28TH STREET 40211GMAC MORTGAGE, LLCCRYSTAL L. FORD$91,136.86HandbillStreet Report
10/27/20094414 SAVAGE DRIVE 40216GMAC MORTGAGE, LLCMARK N. DIERKS$99,196.53HandbillStreet Report
10/27/20093715 BIGELOW DRIVE 40299GMAC MORTGAGE, LLCSTEPHANIE A. MAGUIRE$122,480.24HandbillStreet Report
10/27/20094711 HANEY WAY 40272GMAC MORTGAGE, LLCTINA R. EDMONDSON$126,100.47HandbillStreet Report
11/10/20094211 GAUDET ROAD 40299GMAC MORTGAGE, LLCCRYSTAL L. FORD$223,774.34HandbillStreet Report
11/10/2009414 COLORADO AVENUE 40208GMAC MORTGAGE LLCMELISSA J. WHALEN$64,854.34HandbillStreet Report
12/22/20096618 LUNAR DRIVE 40258GMAC MORTGAGE, LLCDAVID E. JOHNSON$172,803.04HandbillStreet Report
12/22/2009635 SOUTH 35TH STREET 40211GMAC MORTGAGE, LLCRICHARD MARK ROTHFUSS, II$71,344.19HandbillStreet Report
12/22/20094812 OAK POINTE DRIVE 40245GMAC MORTGAGE, LLCAMANDA B. ROMANELLO$106,880.48HandbillStreet Report
1/5/20108908 MAPLE ROAD 40229GMAC MORTGAGE, LLCCRYSTAL L. FORD$118,802.45HandbillStreet Report
1/5/20102010 STANDARD AVENUE 40210GMAC MORTGAGE, LLCLORI R. LEACH$46,239.57HandbillStreet Report
1/5/20105919 DEWITT DRIVE 40258GMAC MORTGAGE, LLCDAVID E. JOHNSON$117,000.94HandbillStreet Report
1/19/20101360 EASTERN PARKWAY #14 40204GMAC MORTGAGE, LLCMELISSA J. WHALEN$138,183.35HandbillStreet Report
1/19/20101150 ELLERHOLT COURT 40212GMAC MORTGAGE, LLCMELISSA J. WHALEN$49,621.32HandbillStreet Report
1/19/20101032 SALE AVENUE 40215GMAC MORTGAGE, LLCMARK N. DIERKS$81,848.19HandbillStreet Report
1/19/20101015 QUEEN AVENUE 40215GMAC MORTGAGE, LLCSTEPHANIE A. MAGUIRE$72,653.64HandbillStreet Report
1/19/20106702 LEVERETT LANE 40258GMAC MORTGAGE, LLCSTEPHANIE A. MAGUIRE$123,895.71HandbillStreet Report
1/19/20106706 CINDY DRIVE 40258GMAC MORTGAGE, LLCTINA R. EDMONDSON$100,398.62HandbillStreet Report
2/16/20105404 SOUTHSIDE DRIVE 40214GMAC MORTGAGE, LLCTINA R. EDMONDSON$74,754.30HandbillStreet Report
2/16/20101301 CYPRESS STREET 40211GMAC MORTGAGE, LLCAMANDA B. ROMANELLO$87,483.12HandbillStreet Report
3/2/20103811 NORTHUMBERLAND DRIVE 40245GMAC MORTGAGE, LLCPATRICIA JOHNSON$90,594.27HandbillStreet Report
3/2/20103809 RIVEROAKS CIRCLE 40241GMAC MORTGAGE, LLCPATRICIA JOHNSON$92,774.95HandbillStreet Report
3/16/20105107 GREENWOOD ROAD 40258GMAC MORTGAGE, LLCCRYSTAL L. SARESKY$79,898.14HandbillStreet Report
3/16/20101300 WEYLER AVENUE 40215GMAC MORTGAGE, LLCMELISSA J. WHALEN$43,769.22HandbillStreet Report
3/16/20104409 NEWPORT ROAD 40218GMAC MORTGAGE, LLCMELISSA J. WHALEN$141,176.51HandbillStreet Report
3/16/20109707 NATIONAL TURNPIKE 40118GMAC MORTGAGE, LLCMELISSA J. WHALEN$93,628.85HandbillStreet Report
3/30/20101520 HALE AVENUE 40210GMAC MORTGAGE, LLCMICHAEL R. BRINKMAN$29,856.33HandbillStreet Report
3/30/20101723 WEST KENTUCKY STREET 40210GMAC MORTGAGE, LLCAMANDA B. ROMANELLO$146,402.11HandbillStreet Report
3/30/2010113 FONTAINE LANDING COURT 40212GMAC MORTGAGE, LLCDAVID E. JOHNSON$153,971.83HandbillStreet Report
4/13/201011800 GARDEN GROVE WAY 40299GMAC MORTGAGE, LLCCHRISTOPHER M. HILL$226,018.30HandbillStreet Report
4/13/20105210 DOGWOOD DRIVE 40258GMAC MORTGAGE, LLCLORI R. LEACH$44,272.83HandbillStreet Report
5/11/20105614 AXBRIDGE ROAD 40216GMAC MORTGAGE, LLCMELISSA J. WHALEN$121,938.34HandbillStreet Report
5/11/2010435 NORTH 43RD STREET 40212GMAC MORTGAGE, LLCJOHN R. CUMMINS$44,844.72HandbillStreet Report
5/25/20101529 WURTELE AVENUE 40208GMAC MORTGAGE, LLCPATRICIA JOHNSON$55,965.26HandbillStreet Report
5/25/20104218 GRAND AVENUE 40211GMAC MORTGAGE, LLCMELISSA J. WHALEN$47,267.22HandbillStreet Report
5/25/20103715 VERMONT AVENUE 40211GMAC MORTGAGE, LLCJOHN R. CUMMINS$45,691.83HandbillStreet Report
6/8/20101450 INDIANA AVENUE 40213GMAC MORTGAGE, LLCCRYSTAL L. SARESKY$135,755.08HandbillStreet Report
6/8/20104407 NEWPORT ROAD 40218GMAC MORTGAGE, LLCCRYSTAL L. SARESKY$153,808.09HandbillStreet Report
6/8/20107818 BRIDLEWOOD PLACE 40228GMAC MORTGAGE, LLCMELISSA J. WHALEN$169,307.24HandbillStreet Report
6/8/20104918 GARDEN GREEN WAY 40219GMAC MORTGAGE, LLCMICHAEL R. BRINKMAN$51,627.70HandbillStreet Report
6/22/20107811 LAUREL RIDGE ROAD 40219GMAC MORTGAGE, LLCMELISSA J. WHALEN$52,147.47HandbillStreet Report
6/22/20102122 ALLSTON AVENUE 40210GMAC MORTGAGE CORPORATIONMATTHEW A. TAULBEE$95,820.92HandbillStreet Report
7/6/20104216 SUNSET DRIVE 40216GMAC MORTGAGE, LLCMELISSA J. WHALEN$104,087.96HandbillStreet Report
7/6/20101053 EAST SAINT CATHERINE STREET 40204GMAC MORTGAGE, LLCMARK N. DIERKS$107,077.43HandbillStreet Report
7/20/20103227 NEW LYNNVIEW ROAD 40216GMAC MORTGAGE, LLCJOHN R. CUMMINS$74,245.65HandbillStreet Report
7/20/20105929 BAY HARBOR DRIVE 40228GMAC MORTGAGE, LLCMICHAEL R. BRINKMAN$164,537.86HandbillStreet Report
7/20/201010809 JEFFERSON TRACE BLVD. 40291GMAC MORTGAGE, LLCSTEPHANIE A. MAGUIRE$251,741.39HandbillStreet Report
8/3/201010114 CLOSTERWOOD DRIVE 40229GMAC MORTGAGE, LLCCRYSTAL L. SARESKY$53,159.82HandbillStreet Report
8/3/20109007 HOLLY VILLAGE COURT 40242GMAC MORTGAGE, LLCCRYSTAL L. SARESKY$187,566.77HandbillStreet Report
8/3/20108003 BROADFERN DRIVE 40291GMAC MORTGAGE, LLCKRISTEN J. MUDD$99,063.22HandbillStreet Report
8/17/20103506 HUDSON AVENUE 40211GMAC MORTGAGE, LLCMELISSA J. WHELAN$49,554.31HandbillStreet Report
8/17/201010104 FALLEN SKY DRIVE 40229GMAC MORTGAGE, LLCJOHN R. CUMMINS$215,912.38HandbillStreet Report
8/17/20104007 BLOSSOMWOOD DRIVE 40220GMAC MORTGAGE, LLCANGELA M. GOAD$123,149.30HandbillStreet Report
9/14/20101000 MAYER AVENUE 40217GMAC MORTGAGE, LLCMELISSA J. WHALEN$58,703.52HandbillStreet Report
9/14/2010631 SOUTH 36TH STREET 40211GMAC MORTGAGE CORPORATIONLORI R. LEACH$90,057.89HandbillStreet Report
9/14/20106304 GAYLE DRIVE 40219GMAC MORTGAGE CORPORATIONMICHAEL R. BRINKMAN$44,140.19HandbillStreet Report
9/14/20102100 SPRING DRIVE, UNIT 1 40205GMAC MORTGAGE, LLCMARK N. DIERKS$122,193.94HandbillStreet Report
9/28/2010416 WEST BRECKINRIDGE STREET, UNIT C-6 40203GMAC MORTGAGE, LLCMARK N. DIERKS$95,860.87HandbillStreet Report
10/12/20104210 ANGEL TERRACE 40299GMAC MORTGAGE, LLCMELISSA J. WHALEN$118,639.86HandbillStreet Report
10/12/20106512 NORTH DRIVE 40272GMAC MORTGAGE, LLCMARK N. DIERKS$18,157.83HandbillStreet Report
10/12/20104501 YAGER LANE 40241GMAC MORTGAGE, LLCPATRICIA JOHNSON$117,558.08HandbillStreet Report
10/26/201010302 MEADOWVIEW DRIVE 40272GMAC MORTGAGE, LLCJOHN R. CUMMINS$101,284.56HandbillStreet Report
10/26/20102306 BURRELL DRIVE 40216GMAC MORTGAGE, LLCMELISSA J. WHALEN$107,072.19HandbillStreet Report
10/26/20108508 KIMBERLY WAY 40291GMAC MORTGAGE, LLCPATRICIA JOHNSON$113,474.17HandbillStreet Report
11/9/201010710 MILWAUKEE WAY 40272GMAC MORTGAGE, LLCLORI R. LEACH$129,733.06HandbillStreet Report
11/9/2010302 NORTH BONNER AVENUE 40207GMAC MORTGAGE, LLCPATRICIA JOHNSON$101,310.25HandbillStreet Report
11/23/2010831 SOUTH 31ST STREET 40211GMAC MORTGAGE, LLCCRYSTAL L. SARESKY$44,321.16HandbillStreet Report
11/23/20104116 HICKORYVIEW DRIVE 40299GMAC MORTGAGE, LLCPATRICIA JOHNSON$115,742.01HandbillStreet Report
11/23/20106705 CINDY DRIVE 40258GMAC MORTGAGE, LLCSTEPHANIE A. MAGUIRE$155,402.69HandbillStreet Report
12/21/2010533 SOUTH 19TH STREET 40203GMAC MORTGAGE, LLCPATRICIA JOHNSON$75,324.00HandbillStreet Report
12/21/201017513 CURRY BRANCH ROAD 40245GMAC MORTGAGE, LLCRICHARD MARK ROTHFUSS, II$220,374.06HandbillStreet Report
1/18/20114105 GRAND AVENUE 40211GMAC MORTGAGE, LLCKRISTEN J. SMITH$36,288.56HandbillStreet Report
2/1/20114731 CAVALIER DRIVE 40216GMAC MORTGAGE, LLCGAIL C. HERSH, JR.$115,846.75HandbillStreet Report
2/1/20112033 LYNN LEA ROAD 40216GMAC MORTGAGE, LLCDAVID E. JOHNSON$112,180.03HandbillStreet Report
3/1/20117104 GLENDALE ROAD 40291GMAC MORTGAGE, LLCMARK N. DIERKS$144,488.30HandbillStreet Report
4/12/20118405 DEVONSHIRE DRIVE 40258GMAC MORTGAGE, LLCPATRICIA JOHNSON$115,653.57HandbillStreet Report
4/12/20116706 CINDY DRIVE 40258GMAC MORTGAGE, LLCSTEPHANIE A. MAGUIRE$100,966.56HandbillStreet Report
4/26/2011300 LONGVIEW PARK PLACE 40245GMAC MORTGAGE, LLCLORI R. LEACH$455,486.32HandbillStreet Report
4/26/201110718 CHARLENE DRIVE 40118GMAC MORTGAGE, LLCCHRIS WILEY$112,854.51HandbillStreet Report
4/26/20114010 NEAGLI COURT 40229GMAC MORTGAGE, LLCCHRIS WILEY$126,695.20HandbillStreet Report
5/10/20114816 ARROYO TRAIL 40229GMAC MORTGAGE, LLCMICHAEL R. BRINKMAN$98,489.38HandbillStreet Report
5/24/20116200 DEADY DRIVE 40258GMAC MORTGAGE, LLCDAVID E. JOHNSON$75,030.83HandbillStreet Report
5/24/20114826 ARROYO TRAIL 40229GMAC MORTGAGE, LLCMICHAEL R. BRINKMAN$98,721.56HandbillStreet Report
5/24/20113909 RIVER PARK DRIVE 40211GMAC MORTGAGE, LLCMICHAEL R. BRINKMAN$60,116.68HandbillStreet Report
6/7/20111519 SOUTHGATE AVENUE 40215GMAC MORTGAGE, LLCVICTORIA M. KADREVA HOLMES$105,352.08HandbillStreet Report
6/7/20113405 FERN LEA ROAD 40216GMAC MORTGAGE, LLCLORI R. LEACH$158,133.22HandbillStreet Report
6/21/2011247 SOUTH 43RD STREET 40212GMAC MORTGAGE, LLCCHRIS WILEY$32,661.85HandbillStreet Report
7/5/20115908 MIDDLEGROUND ROAD 40272GMAC MORTGAGE, LLCCHRIS WILEY$97,364.65HandbillStreet Report
7/5/20113809 RIVEROAKS CIRCLE 40241GMAC MORTGAGE, LLCPATRICIA JOHNSON$90,405.59HandbillStreet Report
7/5/20113317 FRONTIER TRAIL 40220GMAC MORTGAGE, LLCMARK N. DIERKS$129,259.73HandbillStreet Report
8/2/201111122 MEADOW CHASE COURT 40229GMAC MORTGAGE, LLCCHRIS WILEY$153,890.00HandbillStreet Report
8/2/20111936 DEERWOOD AVENUE 40205GMAC MORTGAGE, LLCCHRIS WILEY$155,935.60HandbillStreet Report
8/2/20111335 FLOYD STREET 40208GMAC MORTGAGE, LLCANGELA M. GOAD$118,908.80HandbillStreet Report
8/2/20116301 JOHNSONTOWN ROAD 40272GMAC MORTGAGE, LLCCHRIS WILEY$130,309.39HandbillStreet Report
8/2/20114606 ARROYO TRAIL 40229GMAC MORTGAGE, LLCPATRICIA JOHNSON$111,629.19HandbillStreet Report
8/16/2011416 WEST BRECKINRIDGE STREET, UNIT C-6 40203GMAC MORTGAGE, LLCMARK N. DIERKS$93,798.72HandbillStreet Report
8/16/20118028 WATTERSON TRAIL 40291GMAC MORTGAGE, LLCCHRIS WILEY$232,024.19HandbillStreet Report
9/27/20112424 GARRS LANE 40216GMAC MORTGAGE, LLCCHRIS WILEY$142,593.78HandbillStreet Report
9/27/20111450 INDIANA AVENUE 40213GMAC MORTGAGE, LLCCHRIS WILEY$149,269.77HandbillStreet Report
9/27/20112635 ALFORD AVENUE 40212GMAC MORTGAGE, LLCCHRIS WILEY$85,602.77HandbillStreet Report
9/27/20112806 BEXLEY COURT 40206GMAC MORTGAGE, LLCMAURA E. BINDER$86,808.55HandbillStreet Report
9/27/20113415 NEWBURG ROAD 40218GMAC MORTGAGE, LLCTINA R. EDMONDSON$148,978.16HandbillStreet Report
10/11/20114148 DOVER ROAD 40216GMAC MORTGAGE, LLCMAURA E. BINDER$80,140.10HandbillStreet Report
11/8/20111151 LINCOLN AVENUE 40208GMAC MORTGAGE, LLCCHRIS WILEY$93,892.96HandbillStreet Report
11/22/20117303 HEATHER RIDGE TERRACE 40220GMAC MORTGAGE, LLCCHRIS WILEY$193,369.12HandbillStreet Report
11/22/2011613 EAST KENTUCKY 40203GMAC MORTGAGE, LLCCHRIS WILEY$67,363.72HandbillStreet Report
11/22/20112208 BRIARGATE STREET 40216GMAC MORTGAGE, LLCCHRIS WILEY$90,707.55HandbillStreet Report
2/7/20126215 MARAVIAN DRIVE 40258GMAC MORTGAGE, LLCCHRIS WILEY$124,632.74HandbillStreet Report
2/21/20126205 CATHEEN WAY 40213GMAC MORTGAGE, LLCMICHAEL R. BRINKMAN$135,231.96HandbillStreet Report
2/21/20129815 BOXFORD COURT 40242GMAC MORTGAGE, LLCCHRIS WILEY$93,531.09HandbillStreet Report
3/20/20123029 HARTLAGE COURT 40216GMAC MORTGAGE, LLCCHRIS WILEY$68,917.93HandbillStreet Report
3/20/20124214 CLARK STREET 40213GMAC MORTGAGE, LLCCHRIS WILEY$104,917.44HandbillStreet Report
4/3/20122632 NEBLETT AVENUE 40216GMAC MORTGAGE, LLCCHRIS WILEY$60,122.17HandbillStreet Report
4/3/20129614 ARROWRIDGE DRIVE 40229GMAC MORTGAGE, LLCCHRIS WILEY$116,401.97HandbillStreet Report
4/3/20123126 NORTHLAND DRIVE 40216GMAC MORTGAGE, LLCCHRIS WILEY$94,085.92HandbillStreet Report
5/1/20126803 CAITLYNN WAY 40229GMAC MORTGAGE, LLCMICHAEL R. BRINKMAN$212,825.06HandbillStreet Report
5/15/20125107 GREENWOOD ROAD 40258GMAC MORTGAGE, LLCCHRIS WILEY$88,256.69HandbillStreet Report
5/29/20126302 FLINTLOCK CIRCLE 40216GMAC MORTGAGE, LLCCHRIS WILEY$113,948.01HandbillStreet Report
6/26/20121705 GARLAND AVENUE 40210GMAC MORTGAGE, LLCCHRIS WILEY$30,836.05HandbillStreet Report
6/26/20129710 COLLIER LANE 40291GMAC MORTGAGE, LLCSTEPHANIE A. MAGUIRE$178,564.55HandbillStreet Report
6/26/20124206 FORDSON WAY 40211GMAC MORTGAGE, LLCPATRICIA JOHNSON$78,497.89HandbillStreet Report
6/26/20127408 MAURER LANE 40258GMAC MORTGAGE, LLCLORI R. LEACH$121,763.06HandbillStreet Report
7/10/20126618 LUNAR DRIVE 40258GMAC MORTGAGE, LLCDAVID E. JOHNSON$184,454.34HandbillStreet Report
7/10/20129326 GENEVA WAY 40291GMAC MORTGAGE, LLCDAVID E. JOHNSON$75,859.78HandbillStreet Report
7/10/20122820 GOOSE CREEK ROAD 40242GMAC MORTGAGE, LLCPATRICIA JOHNSON$172,574.61HandbillStreet Report
8/7/20124503 LAMBERT ROAD 40219GMAC MORTGAGE, LLCCHRIS WILEY$130,926.81HandbillStreet Report
9/4/20127315 SAINT ANDREWS WOODS CIRCLE #106 40214GMAC MORTGAGE, LLCMICHAEL R. BRINKMAN$79,649.03HandbillStreet Report
9/4/20124404 SOUTH PARK ROAD 40219GMAC MORTGAGE, LLCCHRIS WILEY$151,642.03HandbillStreet Report
9/18/201211647 REALITY TRAIL 40229GMAC MORTGAGE, LLCCHRIS WILEY$191,389.45HandbillStreet Report
10/2/20121150 ELLERHOLT COURT 40211GMAC MORTGAGE, LLCCHRIS WILEY$48,579.14HandbillStreet Report
10/2/20124619 VARBLE AVENUE 40211GMAC MORTGAGE, LLCCHRIS WILEY$49,273.37HandbillStreet Report
10/16/20129317 WALHAMPTON DRIVE 40242GMAC MORTGAGE, LLCCHRIS WILEY$152,701.42HandbillStreet Report
11/13/20125414 BANNON CROSSINGS DRIVE 40218GMAC MORTGAGE, LLCDAVID E. JOHNSON$217,909.88HandbillStreet Report
11/13/20126138 MIDDLEROSE CIRCLE 40272GMAC MORTGAGE, LLCPATRICIA JOHNSON$124,399.36HandbillStreet Report
11/13/20124512 HIGH TOP COURT 40299GMAC MORTGAGE, LLCDAVID E. JOHNSON$432,267.24HandbillStreet Report
11/27/20127009 URANUS DRIVE 40258GMAC MORTGAGE, LLCMAURA E. BINDER$144,780.41HandbillStreet Report
11/27/20128406 HUDSON LANE 40291GMAC MORTGAGE, LLCMAURA E. BINDER$92,645.89HandbillStreet Report
11/27/20125203 STOUT BLVD. 40291GMAC MORTGAGE, LLCCHRIS WILEY$148,009.32HandbillStreet Report
12/11/20126207 BAY PINE DRIVE 40219GMAC MORTGAGE, LLCMAURA E. BINDER$135,572.77HandbillStreet Report
1/15/20135623 SOUTHERN PARKWAY 40214GMAC MORTGAGE, LLCCHRIS WILEY$78,959.24HandbillStreet Report
1/29/20131620 ALBANY AVENUE 40216GMAC MORTGAGE, LLCMARK N. DIERKS$62,954.98HandbillStreet Report
1/29/201310513 BAY POINTE COURT 40241GMAC MORTGAGE, LLCMARK N. DIERKS$138,197.97HandbillStreet Report
1/29/20134819 GRASTON AVENUE 40216GMAC MORTGAGE, LLCPATRICIA JOHNSON$39,054.59HandbillStreet Report
1/29/20133101 DR. WILLIAM G. WEATHERS DRIVE 40211GMAC MORTGAGE, LLCLORI R. LEACH$218,665.32HandbillStreet Report
1/29/2013951 CHARLES STREET 40204GMAC MORTGAGE, LLCCHRIS WILEY$90,532.44HandbillStreet Report
2/12/20131037 LYNNHURST AVENUE 40215GMAC MORTGAGE, LLCMARK N. DIERKS$85,757.78HandbillStreet Report
2/12/2013402 LAFONTENAY COURT 40223GMAC MORTGAGE, LLCMAURA E. BINDER$132,362.64HandbillStreet Report
2/12/20135021 DELAWARE DRIVE 40218GMAC MORTGAGE, LLCMARK N. DIERKS$50,249.16HandbillStreet Report
2/26/20138000 SHERRY LYNN COURT 40228GMAC MORTGAGE, LLCSTEPHANIE A. MAGUIRE$81,263.03HandbillStreet Report
2/26/2013702 LA FONTENAY COURT 40223GMAC MORTGAGE, LLCMICHAEL R. BRINKMAN$93,699.00HandbillStreet Report
3/26/20134329 LYNNVIEW DRIVE 40216GMAC MORTGAGE, LLCMAURA BINDER$0.00HandbillStreet Report
4/9/20134013 VERMONT AVENUE 40211GMAC MORTGAGE, LLCMARK N. DIERKS$57,296.79HandbillStreet Report
4/9/20133 DUPONT WAY, APT. 2 40207GMAC MORTGAGE, LLCMARK N. DIERKS$70,547.60HandbillStreet Report
4/23/20137916 BROOKRIDGE LANE 40219GMAC MORTGAGE, LLCVICTORIA KADREVA HOLMES$132,076.60HandbillStreet Report
4/23/20133423 NEWBURG ROAD 40218GMAC MORTGAGE, LLCCHRIS WILEY$92,503.98HandbillStreet Report
5/7/20135003 RONWOOD DRIVE 40219GMAC MORTGAGE, LLCMICHAEL R. BRINKMAN$85,872.28HandbillStreet Report
5/7/20137909 TRILLIUM DRIVE 40258GMAC MORTGAGE, LLCVICTORIA KADREVA HOLMES$115,940.08HandbillStreet Report
5/7/201312002 BAY RUN DRIVE 40245GMAC MORTGAGE, LLCLORI R. LEACH$119,667.61HandbillStreet Report
6/18/20136013 HALMA DRIVE 40272GMAC MORTGAGE, LLCVICTORIA KADREVA HOLMES$94,537.44HandbillStreet Report
6/18/20131327 OLIVE STREET 40211GMAC MORTGAGE, LLCMICHAEL R. BRINKMAN$57,954.39HandbillStreet Report
6/18/2013907 SOUTH 47TH STREET 40211GMAC MORTGAGE, LLCLORI R. LEACH$58,938.13HandbillStreet Report
6/18/20131327 OLIVE STREET 40211GMAC MORTGAGE, LLC$0.00HandbillStreet Report
7/16/20138413 BEREA DRIVE 40228GMAC MORTGAGE, LLC$0.00HandbillStreet Report
8/13/20134113 VERMONT AVENUE 40211GMAC MORTGAGE, LLC$0.00HandbillStreet Report

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